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NEGATIVE REACTION: "Everything You Need For Galactic Battle Adventures" (Psychedoomelic Records/Game Two Records)
Anyone who isn't dead or from another planet of existence will do well about cover their ears right about.Negative Reaction are one of those bands who have actually made something already extreme more extreme. Doom/sludge metal gets a new dose of crushing low-tuned Sabbath-molded riffage and "Jerusalem"-like devastating intensity. Although the tortured vocals do sometimes get in the way of the music, Ken E Bones does a petrifying job behind the mic. File them in between Bongzilla, Grief, Sleep, Burning Witch,.

GL Productions

Negative Reaction (US) - Everything..(Psychedoomelic/GT Rec) God Grief, I dont get any negative reactions over this one. Everything you need for galactic battle adventures are the title of this US combos debut issued by Game Two and Psychedoomelic. Psyched out tripping Doomcoresludge is on the offer here, and one of the funny things that came across my mind when I have tracked the disc over the past weeks is that frontman and guitarist Ken E Bones have a voice that sounds like a unpolished Udo Dirkschneider, his bancheelike screams is one of the things that sets Negative Reaction a bit different compare to other sludgers, and also here is more variation with different melancholic arrangements and a bit more progressive attitude. There are some minor setbacks in the performance at times where the band tends to loose themselves in their expression but overall are this disc a suprisingly wellmade and tight effort, extraplus for the mourner Spaceport, a dark doomy sludgy beast that rips some cells out of my head, good tight production too. Mourners, sludgers and Doomsters and those who are looking for a alternative, this is a must.Info/Order mail


NEGATIVE REACTION (Everything You Need For Galactic Battle Adventures) CD: This is the second output from PsycheDOOMelic Records, co-released with the US label Game Two Records. The US-based NEGATIVE REACTION are psychotic and hateful, soundwise and heavy and slow as it was meant to be when you're playing Doom. They've added a few faster outbursts, but mostly they're playing in slow and destructive way. The thick and crunchy guitar tone dominates the entire sound of this three-piece and helps to build a massive wall. In opposite to other Sludge bands, NEGATIVE REACTION are stronger focused on accessible songs, and they have no southern-rock influence, like some of their US comrades. In the strongest moments of this album, the mighty Grief were coming to my mind, mixed up with more groovy parts. And I wouldn't be surprised if this band is also influenced by old US Hardcore bands like Black Flag or Bl'ast!. They got this kind of pure energy in the sound, only more downtuned and slower. Another period of music history, that left some footprints in NEGATIVE REACTION's sound are, of course, the 70's, especially when they're playing quieter parts (what doesn't happenend too often!) or just take a look at the cover. To be honest, after the first listening sessions, I wasn't that enthusiastic about this album, but now I must admit, that it grows more and more. I won't go so far as Dan Rowe, to describe this album as a masterpiece of the sludge/doom hybrid, but it's still so good to deserve the attention of every devote fan of bands like Grief, Sleep, Warhorse and Black Sabbath, of course. You can order the album from the PsycheDOOmelic Records and Game Two Records, where you can check out additional infos about NEGATIVE REACTION.


Aaarrgghh, guitars tuned to A! Holy fuck, Negative Reaction destroys! US based Psychedelic Sludge/Doom is the name of the killing here. Really dusty sounds (feedback overdose) and groove riffing. This is the stuff when your head starts to bang along with the music. Very satisfying music.

Everything you need... is actually Negative Reaction´s third album this far and I´m a bit surprised that I´ve never even heard their name before. Well, there are lot´s of bands I´ve never heard of, but as I was reading some reviews of their earlier works, Negative Reaction seems to be quite sensational band alongside with the better known Bongzilla and Electric Wizard etc.

Negative Reaction is extremely grunting and grooving mixture of Sabbathian riffs and HC violence with aggressive and pain-filled screamed vocals (which are a left-over from their HC past, I think). There are some strange space-sounds here and there (these lads are Star Wars maniacs) which creates an unearthly feeling of a sludge spacetrip.

Uargh, raw sounds surrounded by thich dope-smog and violent and torturous atmosphere. I really liked this CD, but it could be better. Maybe a bit stronger production would do the trick next time. Untill then, "May the Force be with You".

Obliveon Mag 06/2003

Die wundersame Welt der Langsamkeit, auch Negative Reaction zelebrieren diese mit Inbrunst. Allerdings, und da unterscheidet sich das SloMo-Trio von ihren Labelkollegen Orodruin und Wall of Sleep recht deutlich, mit stark hardcoreverdächtiger Schlagseite, die vor allem durch das markerschütternde Gebrüll von Sänger/Gitarrist Ken E. Bones charakterisiert wird. Sludge Metal nennt man das in Fachkreisen, und wer Bands wie den göttlichen Grief und Alben wie "Dismal" hinterhertrauert, der könnte in "Everything You Need For Galactic Battle Adventures" einen würdigen Nachfolger gefunden haben. Die Gitarren bilden eine fette, scheinbar undurchdringliche Wand, während der wummernde Bass jede noch so kleine Soundlücke zukleistert. Im Gegensatz zum Gros der Doom Metal-Szene und Bands wie Candlemass oder While Heaven Wept sind hier Aggression und Hass fühl- und greifbar, was nicht zuletzt in Songtiteln wie "I Hate Me" gipfelt. Wer es langsam, aber dennoch brutal braucht, ist hier richtig. 7/10 - MK

Voices from the dark side 06/2003

This three piece from Long Island offers us a very strange album, that’s for sure! They have tried to combine ultra-heavy Doom Metal with some Hardcore and Psychedelic elements, and the result comes up very convincing, even if I must admit the vocals got on my nerves in no time and could repel a lot of people. NEGATIVE REACTION use a lot of diverse influences, sometimes they sound like a heavier version of BLACK SABBATH and CATHEDRAL, sometimes they bent more for sludge / funeral Doom. In fact, they have a lot in common with the new breed of bands hosted by the Relapse Records label, like MASTODON, SOILENT GREEN and even CEPHALIC CARNAGE on some occasions (considering the latter have explored the Doom field with their latest MCD "Halls Of Amenti"). The production of this CD is absolutely crushing, the groove being ever present thanks to a tight as hell rhythm section, the bass lines in particular are punishing. Like I said before, the idea to use Hardcore–oriented shrieks and screams is not very good in the NEGATIVE REACTION case, but after all it is purely a matter of taste. The album really lifts off from the third cut on, let’s say that the two first tracks are rather average, so don’t judge this album by only listening to them. What appears as a the strongest point here is that the NEGATIVE REACTION music sounds fresh and brings forth a new form of extremity in Metal, so that’s a change from the legion of middle of the road bands relying on safe formulas. Oddly enough, I even found a riff more or less stolen from WITCHFINDER GENERAL on the ‘Scum And ViIlany’ track while the standout track is for me ‘Price On A Head’, with its fantastic chorus, where vocalist / guitarist Ken E. Bones eerily sound like a demented Tim Baker (CIRITH UNGOL) on steroids. Well, I can’t say much more about this CD, except for the fact that I warmly recommend it to your attention. Stay away from this if you can’t stand Doom at all, but in case you are a Doom devotee like yours truly, buy this without delay, because NEGATIVE REACTION (a risky moniker) have certainly a lot to offer. Not essential, but worth to listen. More info at:

Mit “Everything You Need..” verschwindet auch schon die letzte Scheibe von Psychedoomelic Records in den unendlichen Weiten meines CD-Players. Wer auf fiesen Sludge Metal / Aggro-Doom steht, welcher in ein lärmiges Soundgewand gebettet ist, der kommt bei gemeinen Nummern wie „I Hate Me“, „Spaceport“ oder „Bible Whore“ (!!) voll auf seine Kosten. Speziell der reichlich ungewöhnliche Schrei- / Kreisch-Gesang dürfte Gönnern des Extravaganten sehr zusagen. Zwar steht das musikalische Gerüst der drei fröhlichen (??) Herren ganz klar auf traditionellem 70er Jahre Doom, dieser wird aber härtetechnisch ordentlich durch den Fleischwolf gedreht, so daß ich Anhängern der „Originale“ rate, sich mit Vorsicht an diesen Hassbrocken anzunähern. Eisenbeisser und Benzintrinker jeglicher Couleur dürfen ihre gierigen Krallen aber gerne nach der Scheibe ausstrecken und beherzt zuschlagen...

Lets make some noise, Finland. 06/2003

Harva levy alkaa yhtä rehellisesti kuin tämä Negative Reactionin avaruusmatkailusta kertova spektaakkeli. "Kaikkien, jotka eivät ole kuolleita tai toiselta planeetalta, kannattaisi peittää korvansa...nyt." Ja sitten tömähtää Black Sabbathilta pummittu riffi. Alkupuheen luulisi tietysti olevan itseironista läpänheittoa ja osoittavan kriittisyyttä esim. lastensa levyhyllyjä penkovien vainoharhaisten vanhempien yhteiskunnallista kapeakatseisuutta kohtaan, mutta tällä kerralla sotakirveen isku humahtaa omaan nilkkaan. Kehoitus pysyä tästä ainakin kuuloetäisyyden päässä on nimittäin varsin aiheellinen.

Aasinsilloista päästään siihen, että Negative Reaction soittaa omien sanojensa mukaisesti vihantäyteistä doom/sludge metallia. Kahdeksan raitaa varsin monotonista runkutusta ei paljon kuulijan korvia hivele, riffit kun ovat joko keskinkertaisia tai vain liian usein käytettyjä, melodiat tylsänpuoleista paikallaan jynkytystä ja musisoinnin Heikoimmaksi lenkiksi jää apaattinen laulu. Vokalisti olisi kävellyt Kirsi Salon studiosta ulos jo aikaa sitten. Mies raakkuu onnettomasti äänellä, joka sopisi paremmin jonkun 70-luvun lopulla pilke silmäkulmassa tehdyn autotallipunk-demon raidoille. Tosin sillä erotuksella, että autotallipunkissa lienee hyvätkin hetkensä. Niin tai näin, musiikki ei todellakaan tarjoa ainakaan liikaa virikkeitä. Temponvaihteluita on ja rauhallisempiakin kohtia tulee, mutta tällaisen musiikin mahdollisesti kuunneltavaksi tekevä kierous on jotenkin ponnettomalla pohjalla. Tunne puuttuu. Nykyteinit varmaan kutsuisivat tätä väsyneeksi ja hidastetuksi stoneriksi. Vaan eipä taida Everything You Need... ikinä kantautua heidän korviinsa.

Tällaisen bändin ollessa kyseessä musiikin puutteet olisivat ehkä tilapäisesti korjattavissa runsaalla sekalaisten päihteiden käytöllä, mutta en satu kuulumaan siihen koulukuntaan, joka alkaa haistella liimaa ja hakee bensikseltä Sinolia vain saadakseen muuten tylsän levyn kuullostamaan edes joltain. Levyn alussa mainitut muiden planeettojen asukit (tai ainakin sinne mielessään ja huumehöyryissään muuttavat) saattavat musiikista innostuakin, ainakin päivittäisen annoksensa jälkeen. Tähän viitannee levyn nimikin. Rehellisyyden nimissä on tosiaan tunnustettava, että musiikin toimivuutta esim. piripäissään ei tullut testattua ja näin selvin päin kuuntelukokemus on auttamatta puuduttava. Ehkä puolestaan pelkän alkoholin voimalla tehty musiikki ei kelpaisi bändin äijille. Ainoita ilonpilkahduksia ovat oikeastaan rumpalin sinne tänne heittelemät fillit, jotka tuovat elävästi mieleen päivät, jolloin rumpukapulat vielä pysyivät Bill Wardin käsissä. Kunnollista doomia halajavan kannattanee tutustua esim. Lohjan ja Turun ikioman Reverend Bizarren tuotantoon.

Live4Metal 05/2003

Had I been through a galactic battle adventure, I’m certain that I’d be better equipped to determine whether the doom/sludge on this platter is in fact everything you need. On the whole, the sound is primarily sludge (e.g., Grief), but with more tempo changes and variety in the arrangements. The menacing sound of ugliness and pain is present throughout the eight tracks, yet there is also a hint of dark atmospherics. It took me a while to get used to Ken E. Bones’ vocals, which made me think of Adam Sandler singing sludge. They got a bit better as the album wore on, but still weren’t up to snuff. In addition to a thin production with tinny sounding drums, the vocals hurt the delivery in the end. The proceedings begin with “The Tradoshan,” a good mix of plodding sludge and up-tempo metallic blasts. Moving to track number two, you are shown quite loudly and painfully why this song is called “I Hate Me.” The track is another example of the band’s style of alternating between (in this case) mid-tempo churning (on the verse) and plodding doom (on the chorus). However, the sound on this one, as well as the rolling Black Sabbath groove of “Price on a Head” suffer because of vocals that don’t quite fit the music. “Spaceport” is an improvement though. The drums crackle and the naked bass line hangs in the air during the verse. When the torturous riffs come crashing in, the vibe is both raw and haunting at once. The riffing alone tears flesh to the bone. The soloing on this eight-minute monster is more like a razor blade assault than the flexing of musical muscle. It’s a scathing piece, to say the least. “Scum & Villany, “Bible Whore,” and “Sludge” didn’t move me one way or the other. Both are standard sludge fare that while pleasing to these ears didn’t leave a lasting impression. The sound of the apocalypse is present on “Mandalorian Army,” complete with the chill of fear and a smoke-filled sky. The album will keep your interest, but a fuller production and more convincing vocal delivery would have helped a great deal.

Noize Italia 05/2003

I Negative Reaction o si amano o si odiano. O si adorano spasmodicamente per la loro vena oscura,lercia ed agghiacciante, o si deplorano per la loro lentezza soffocante e la loro assoluta mancanza di armonia. Personalmente appartengo alla schiera di adoratori della “Reazione Negativa” e non esito a dire che “Everything you need for galactic battle adventures” è un nuovo punto di partenza per lo sludge doom. Dopo la sbornia monolitica del precedente “The Orion chronicles” (composto da due brani di cui uno di oltre 30 minuti…), la nuova release della band si dirige infatti verso una forma canzone compiuta ma decisamente più devastante, dove i feedback martellanti delle chitarre si combinano alla perfezione con le vocals urlate (entrambe ad opera dell’indemoniato Ken E.Bones) e con la precisione chirurgica della sezione ritmica, composta da John Old McDonald alla batteria e Damon Limpy al basso. Gli otto pezzi proposti possono sembrare ripetitivi, ma ad un ascolto attento non è affatto così: dal profondo emerge una capacità compositiva eccellente, abile nel giostrare con walls of sound opprimenti e allo stesso tempo nel sorprendere con arrangiamenti intricati, aperture atmosferiche e ricami spaziali che rendono il tutto ancora più lisergico. Un colosso come “Spaceport” non lascia dubbi sulle qualità del gruppo: giro di basso introduttivo, sfuriata che tende verso l’hardcore, rallentamento doom e finale psichedelico, insomma, una vera e propria summa di quello che può essere definito “hateful doom”. Ma non c’è solo questo: “The tradoshan” trascina in un vortice perverso ed infernale, “Price on a head” stordisce con le sue ritmiche micidiali ed i suoi effetti stranianti, “Bible whore” avanza minacciosa prima di esplodere in un fragore allucinante. Per porre poi fine a tutto, “Sludge” diventa manifesto programmatico di un modo preciso di intendere l’estremismo sonoro. Non c’è che dire, i Negative Reaction si confermano nuovi profeti di un genere sempre a rischio di estinzione creativa. Sicuramente qualcuno non sopporterà questo dischetto, ma per chi ama Bongzilla, Grief e Eyehategod e per chi cerca sensazioni estreme dalla musica, questi tre cosmobikers rappresentano una delle poche e valide ancore di salvezza esistenti al giorno d’oggi.

Reviews from HM portal, Italy; 05/2003

Nella biografia si usa spesso la parola sludge e credo sia proprio questo il termine cardine intorno a cui costruire una descrizione più o meno analitica del cd in questione: il doom qui è sporcato, distorto, slabbrato da una pesantissima carica sludge capace di imbastardire talmente il suono della band, fin quasi a portarlo ad una versione rallentata e perversa dell'hard-core old school newyorkese (ditemi se la prima track non sembra la figlia degenere della mitica "Burning Fight" degli Inside Out). Decisamente poco inclini al manierismo ed alla sfumatura pastellata, i nostri si dilettano a stuprare il doom in una sorta di rituale liberatorio, incalzante come un martello pneumatico ed irriverente come solo certi act h.c. sanno essere. Difficilmente potremmo catalogare come metal queste vocals piene di urgenza e nervosismo, graffianti come la carta vetrata e sgraziate come un rantolo, certe velocizzazioni (per carità non degli slayer stiamo parlando) o esplosioni, il riffing suona grezzo ma potente, tutto in questa band mi ricorda molto più da vicino un vecchio modo sporco e sguaiato di suonare che tanto ho amato in band della Grande Mela. Li vedrei benissimo accanto a Sheer Terror e Darkside ad una hard-core matinee al CBGB's a cavallo tra 80 e 90, in fondo non sono queste le band che hanno portato il verbo sludge nella scena? Già me li vedo a far partire il pit in un infernale mosh con tanto di figure classiche della coreografia ad hoc (andate a rivedervi il video di "Step Down" dei S.O.I.A. se non vi ricordate come si muove un windmill). Anche il nome del gruppo e gli intro parlati hanno contribuito a questa sensazione che ormai mi si è ficcata in testa e che difficilmente riuscirò ad abbandonare, alla faccia del doom, dei Black Sabbath e Napalm Death citati nella bio... Qui si fa dell'ottima musica diretta che non potrà che far la gioia dei più coriacei di voi: che il massacro abbia inizio!

Soundz Online magazine / M magazine

Metal Music Magazine


Mit "Everything You Need For Galactic Battle Adventures" veröffentlichen die amerikanischen Jungs von Negative Reaction ihr neuestes Werk. Meine erste negative Reaktion bezieht sich bei dem Album ganz klar auf den Gesang. Ihn direkt einzuordnen wird schwierig, doch versuche ich mein Glück. Die Vocals klingen wie eine Mischung aus Hardcore-Gebrüll und einem derart nervtötendem Krächzen, dass man dem Sänger gerne ein Hustenbonbon anbieten möchte. Leider ist dieser Gesang so aufdringlich, dass es schwer fällt über den Rest der Musik möglichst unabhängig zu sprechen. Betitelt wird der Sound von Negativ Reaction mit Hateful Doom/Sludge Metal, was soviel heißen soll wie aggressiver Doom, der sich nicht scheut diverse Einflüsse einzubringen. Und fürwahr, die Gitarren benutzen eine Spielbreite die über grungige Rockparts bis hin zu schwerlastigen Metalriffs reicht. Das Spiel zwischen Boombast und Geschrebbel mindert keineswegs das Talent gute Musik zu machen, sondern unterstreicht den Hang zur Innovation. Kurz gesagt ist die Musik gewöhnungsbedürftig und nicht Jedermanns Sache, was bei einen solchen Bandnamen für keinerlei Überraschung sorgen dürfte. Hervorzuhebende Songs: "Spaceport" und "Mandolorian".


More doom goodness from psycheDOOMelic records, this time it's Negative Reaction with their hardcore rooted mathy doom sound.

Now when I say mathy, I don't mean the kind of mathy that The Fucking Champs do, this stuff is more comprehendable and will have you banging your head to the beat every moment despite the fact that it's pretty complicated and what I consider Prog-Doom.

The vocals set the overall mood from the get go with Ken Bones (guitarist, vocalist) screaming his living brains out with hardcore tinged madness. When these guys aren't pummeling you with their intense riffs, it's the vocals up front. Musically the guitar work reminds me of everyone from Iommi, to Eyehategod, COC down the line. It's punk and classic rock influenced I like I believe.

Great rhythm section and the drummer is outstanding in having a fine line between flash and solid. The overall musicianship on this CD is exceptional and must be witnessed by the angry doom fan.

If you dig Bongzilla, Grief, Man is the Bastard, Early Neurosis, I am betting you will like this. It's tuned down hardcore doom and not for the timid. I must also add (again) that this is the third album I have heard from psycheDOOMelic lately, and it's all top notch...a good consistant roster so far. If you like these cats, you will also more than likey dig what else psycheDOOMelic has to offer in other words...ROCK METAL DOOM!

CD SERVICES / SCOTLAND 05/2003 (by Andy G)

NEGATIVE REACTION: Everything You Need For Galactic Battle Adventures CD Giant-sounding stoner-rock with a vocalist who sounds like he's being squeezed in some pretty painful places, although not as bad as that description implies, in other words, he's higher up on the tonal scale but still rages and shouts with the best of them, fitting the music like a glove. Then the music itself - wickedly slow slices of stoner doom, that suddenly erupt into life with a hail of guitars reigning down, before settling back into the monstrous-sounding, guitars-heavy, monumentally slow rhythm mayhem of its truly sludge-laden, doomy approach. Fantastic stuff.

Unbroken Metal - 04/2003

NEGATIVE REACTION: "Everything You Need For Galactic Battle Adventures" (Psychedoomelic Records)
Weiß nicht, ob man's für galaktische Schlachtenabenteuer benutzen kann, aber für psychologische Kriegsführung auf jeden Fall. Widerwärtiges Gekreische mit Zeitlupengebrummel. Lange nicht mehr so'n Schrott gehört. Ein halbes Pünktchen für die teilweise witzigen Intros, und dann ab in die runde Tonne. Rüdiger Abend: 0,5/10

HOUSE OF SMUT, 04/2003

On their previous album, The Orion Chronicles, Negative Reaction crafted a slab of monolithic doom topped only by Sleep's Jerusalem. It would be a difficult feat to follow up such a landmark release for any band. However, Negative Reaction have stepped up to the challenge with ease on their third outing, Everything You Need for Galactic Battle Adventures. In the process, Negative Reaction have become the undisputed kings of sludge doom.

With Everything You Need for Galactic Battle Adventures, Negative Reaction have kept the doom elements of their sound just as crushing as on The Orion Chronicles CD. At the same time, this is the clearest or most obvious the band's hardcore and sludge influences have been since their first album, endofyorerror. It's a well-balanced attack that is sure to please fans of all those disciplines.

As far as the songwriting goes, it's as stong as ever from the Negative Reaction crew. Obviously, this is much more "song" oriented than The Orion Chronicles output, as that album was centered around a 30-plus minute long song. These tracks are much easier to digest, legth-wise. While there is riff/section variance in each song on Everything You Need for Galactic Battle Adventures, there remains a sameness to the material. This is due to the way the songs are switched up--doomy sections giving way to injections of hardcore, and vice versa. Many people view sameness of material as a negative but, in this case, it only serves to strengthen the album's sense of cohesion. This is all super strong material, so much so, it's impossible to pinpoint a standout track. It should be said that traditional doom lovers will find a lot to like in Everything You Need for Galactic Battle Adventures, as the doomy sections are very Sabbath-esque in their structures.

Needless to say, if you thought Bongzilla's recent album Gateway was superior sludge doom, Everything You Need for Galactic Battle Adventures will kill you, as it obliterates Gateway (strong praise, since that album is a killer, too). The Orion Chronicles may have been a historic doom recording but this album has truly cemented Negative Reaction's spot in the pantheon of it all. Yet another great album from the band who must now be considered the best sludge doom outfit in the world. (Dan Rowe)


I first heard Negative Reaction on one of Psychedelic Fanzine's Out Of Focus CD's and it peaked my interest. That track "Price on a Head" had some killer riffs on it, a great guitar tone and was unique, something that's gotten harder in the stoner/doom field over the last ten years. If that track had not been enough, the fact that this 8 tracker (the band's third release I believe) is a co-release between Game Two Records and PsycheDOOMelic Records would have definitely had me checking it out (in case you've been out of commission for awhile, both of those labels consistently rock..hard). I've heard this band referred to as a Sludge band, but find that just a little misleading. Then again, I find it a little misleading when used in reference to bands like EyeHateGod and Sourvein also. With Negative Reaction, the biggest variance from what I would normally think of as sludge is the tempos, mostly on the slow side to be sure but not snail's pace slow and often creeping up toward mid tempo. Also there is quite a bit more traditional doom here than I would have thought from some reviews.

What really makes this a great CD are the same things that caught my attention on the comp track: the riffs and the guitar tone, both winner's throughout, check "I Hate Me", "Scum & Villany" and the aforementioned "Price on the Head" for highlights. Not that the bass or drums are slouching at all, rather rock solid consistent and busy enough to keep the three piece sounding full. The vocals were potentially the drawback for me, the screaming variety are usually not my favorite, to this band's credit they are one of the few that really make it work for them and they sound right for this band.

I'll definitely be checking into earlier material from this band. You should too if you're reading this site, and while you're at it pick up anything else you can find on either of these labels: Game Two Records and PsycheDOOMelic Records. (Mike Ballue)