10th June 2008

Our next release will be veteran sludge gods Negative Reaction`s "Tales from the Insomniac" CD. A late June release date is set to deliver their fourth and most anticipated album to date. It`s a co-release with Spare Change Records in the US. Combining the best qualities of their earliest releases with a new found sense of urgency, "Tales from the Insomniac" is a dark journey into the sludge scarred world of Sir Ken E. Bones and Company. Simply put, this is pure raw emotion. Further release news include all four MOOD album re-issued on CD format in July, and the second Leather Nun album "Absence of Light" during Summer.

27th August 2007

Out now is the Trinakrius "Inquisantism" CD. They're one of the best epic Doom bands of current times. Old-school, arcane and epic doom metal from Italy, creating very powerful Doom truly worthy of the term Epic. Well executed music with clean vocals, powerful riffs and catchy melodies.

13th August 2007

We've a couple new releases, finally coming out is the debut album with bonus live songs from one of our all time favourite bands, the mighty Iron "fucking" Hearse. Fans of Wino, Orange Goblin and Sabbath will most likely love this. Also new at psycheDOOMelic is the split CD by heavy doomsters When the deadbolt breaks and Negative Reaction. This is not a passing of the torch, but more a lighting of a second torch for the heaviest sludgfied doom metal ever. BURN ON!

Next up is Trinakrius' "Inquisantism" CD release, which is getting released within 10 days from now.

2nd July 2007

After a good while we've a brand new release out, it's Mood's "Last ride of doomanoids" DVD in collaboration with Hammer Music. The DVD is a tribute to this already burried traditional doom metal band (forefather of Wall of Sleep and Stereochrist) from Hungary. The DVD features uncut version of their farewell show, interviews, videos plus 100 minutes long archive about the band's history, extra concert songs plus backstage material round up this superb release. MOOD and DOOM forever!

20th December

Leather Nun's debut CD is available now. Check the mp3 section for a free download. Leather Nun is brilliant traditional doom rock from the US with influences of Pentagram, Trouble, and Wino's previous bands. The music is in the vein of The Obsessed, Voodoo Shock, Starchild, and Dreaming. Highly recommended for riff rock maniacs!

27th November

The new World Below album "Repulsion", and the Hog Mountin / Möse sludge split CD is available now, please visit our store for ordering information. Our next release will be the debut album by US based traditional doomsters Leather Nun. The album should be out for Doomsmas.

7th November

Finally we've a release date for both, the new World Below album, and the Hog Mountin / Möse split CD. Both will come out on the 27th of November, excuse us for the little delay in getting them released!

9th October

Swedish World Below are done with mastering their new album entitled "Repulsion". Listen to a preview of the new CD on our mp3 page. We aim to release this new record along with the long anticipated Möse / Hog Mountin split CD sometime by late October / early November.

13th September

Swedish World Below are in the studio right now to record a follow up to "Maelstrom". The album will be called "Repulsion", and contains 5 tracks in a running time of around 45 minutes, one of the tunes being around 20 minutes long. Right now, they are working with the vocals. We hope to release this new record along with the long anticipated Möse / Hog Mountin split CD sometime in October.

4th August

After a 9 month hiatus the Swedish doom metal masters World Below are back!! Line-up problems are solved and the band are about to enter Black Lounge studios within the nearest days in order to start the recordings of their third full-length album. The yet untitled album will be released in November 2006 through us. Current World Below line-up is: Mike Danielsson - vocals/bass, Ronny Steelmountain - drums, JP Kjellgren - guitar/vocals.

More news from the doom camp coming soon...

3rd July


Finally, both of our summer releases, the Stereochrist, and the Dreaming albums are out now, and available in our music store section. Enjoy the vibes, and have all a great summer!

28th June

Stereochrist's second album entitled "Live Like a Man (Die as a God)", and Dreaming's "II" are both getting released by early next week.

Taste the mighty Dreaming


16th June

Finally we're ready to present you Stereochrist's first video, it's for the song "Live Like a Man (Die as a God)".

You can watch it


Release date for Dreaming's, and Stereochrist's second albums are set for the 3rd of July. The Möse / Hog Mountin split CD is delayed till Autumn, 2006.

24th April

We've a new contact/delivery address in Hungary, which is as follows: Hegedüs Márk, 9401 Sopron, Pf. 398, Hungary. The Austrian contact address is still valid though.

19th April

Available now: Limited (500 copies), hand numbered edition, 7" single by Germany's leading traditional doom outfit, VOODOO SHOCK. Features their brand new line-up with two magnificent rockers: "The Golden Beauty", and "Live For The Moment".

Around June we'll release Dreaming's, and Stereochrist's next albums, plus a split CD with Möse, and Hog Mountin.

27th March

The MERCA CD "Chup Amela" has just been released, and is available in our store section. Merca are old-school doomsters heavily influenced by St. Vitus, Pentagram, and The Obsessed. Excellent guitar-work, clean vocals in Saint Vitus style, this is high quality slow traditional doom metal.

Next up is the limited edition (500), handnumbered VOODOO SHOCK 7" vinyl with two brand new songs. It's coming in the 2nd week of April. Watch this space!

15th March

We'll release by early April a limited (500 copies), and handnumbered Voodoo Shock 7" vinyl w/ two new songs, written, and recorded by their new line-up.

Also, Merca's debut full length album entitled "Chup Amela" gets released on CD format in early April.

Listen to a preview of "Abandoned Ship"