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One of the more recent releases on the Psychedoomelic rooster are the latest smashing doomcombo to come out of the US, Orodruin whose debut Epicurean Mass is a brilliant masterpiece of classic Doom Metal. Here is a interview with the guitarist and founder of the band and previous editor of the brilliant Doom Web Mag Born Too Late John Gallo. Interview with Orodruin

Congrats to your excellent debut Epicurean Mass, how has the response been so far from doomsters and media to the album ?

John: Thanks alot bro. Yeah, it's really been getting alot of attention from the fanzines and websites. Seems alot of people really dig our album. Most of the feedback has been good or positive...the worse being that we are just ripping off our influences. Which is still good too hahah

Fill me in on the background to Orodruin, how was the band formed ?

John: I started Orodruin back in the summer of 1998. I wanted to start something in the vein of Saint Vitus, Penatagram, WFG, Trouble, etc. My other members, Mike Puleo and Nick Tydelski joined up around that time as well. We released one demo in 99 and were stagnant for a long while. Finally in 2001 we decided to get back together and recruited a drummer Mike Waske and after that point things really got set in motion again.

Looking at the concept of Orodruin, do you have any specific concept ?

John: Not really, we have many other influences and so forth but there is really not one specific concept. We are a band playing music we love, no hidden messages or agendas.

Looking at the recording process of Epicurean Mass, how was the process, did you record anything live or did you do it by tracking ?

John: The album was done by studio tracking one at a time. It was pretty simple we all went in at different times and recorded our respective instruments. Besides Guitar, I also played the keyboards and organs.

The name Orodruin, what did the name came from and do you feel the name match the concept that you have ?

John: Orodruin means Mountain of Doom from the Lord of The Rings. I was a fan of Tolkien's books growing up and have always liked that name. Think about it....Mountain of DOOM!!

The title Epicurean Mass, what is the main message in that title ?

John : It has two meanings...on one hand it's the philosophy of living conservative and by your means. On the other hand it has come to mean self indulgence and gluttony which is the complete opposite. It's really a natural progression in how the perceptions have changed.

Looking at the press support you have got so far, I have seen a few. How pleased are you with the coverage ?

John: Oh yeah, definately. It's exciting to see all this coverage on the band. I never really expected this response. We even have a full page article coming out in Metal Maniacs magazine next month. That should bring more exposure!

After have served some time with the album,I feel that this is pretty progressive moody mournful doom metal masterpiece, it have a epical and classical concept shifting from oldschool doom to a cermonial atmosphere. How pleased are you with the visual and production standpoint ?

John: Too be honest after experiencing what went into the entire creation process of the album I can always find things I'd like to do better but I am satisfied with the outcome. I was just hoping to create something people can get into the way I got into the Vitus albums when I was younger.

More on the material on the album, looking at the lyrical concept, what is the main subjects in that standpoint ?

John: They vary quite a bit. Alot of it can range from battles to the damnation of humanity. My singer would be able to give you a better answer than I.

The musical direction, do you have any main influences or is it spread out on the members?

John: We all have different tastes.... obviously I like Vitus, Pentagram, Candlemass, Trouble, WFG, to stuff like Maiden, Priest, Sir Lord Baltimore, Dust, Bang, Uriah Heep, etc. For the most part everyone else in the band shares these tastes.

The album are handed out by Psychedoomelic Records, how did you hook up with them and how pleased are you with their support so far ?

John: We hooked up with Mark sometime after we did an interview for his Psychedelic Fanzine. He is the best dude to work with. Hard working and honest. He's a good friend. He has alot of contacts and is doing his best to get his releases distributed and promoted!

Compare Orodruin live to a studio environment, what is the main difference ?

John: the main difference is having fun and working under the gun. When you are in the studio, time is money and you gotta be serious about getting your parts down right as quick as possible. When we are playing a gig we get the same amount of money if we are rolling around the flour having a good time or trying to be as tight as possible. It's alot less worrisome. Personally,I do like the studio experience, but it's alot nicer when you have your own studio to work with!

Looking at the cover, I have only seen it on the pressbio that I got with the disc. Where did you find the cover and do you feel that the cover match the title and the direction that this album have ?

John: Too be honest it's a Thomas Cole painting that I completely mutilated in my Photoshop program. If you remember Candlemass uses Thomas Cole paintings for their covers...Ancient Dreams, Nightfall, etc. I just took a different painting called "Expulsion from Eden" and changed the colors and distortd the image considerably. Looks doomy!

Talking about the next plans for Orodruin, what is happening at the moment, a new album on the way, any eps, live dates set up, fill me in what is happening in the Orodruin camp at the moment ?

John: Well alot of things actually! We have just about finished recording a couple songs for a 10" split we are doing with Finnish Doom lords, Reverend Bizarre. That should be out sometime in July. In August we'll be out on the road joining the Doomination tour with Morgion, Mourning Beloveth, and The Prophecy. That begins Aug. 8th to Aug 31st around the USA. This tour also includes the Stoner Hands of Doom show which we'll be playing in Portland, OR on the 29th. We have plans for a second album sometime in spring 2004. Should be an exciting summer!

Any last words ?

John: Appreciate the interview and have a great one bro! IN DOOM!

Thank you very much for the interview and for a brilliant album. Take care and hope that you are able to come over the atlantic for a few dates overhere.

John: That may be happen sooner than you think.....

By Gabriel Lilliehook