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Mike Puleo - Bass, Vocals
John Gallo - Guitar
Mike Waske - Drums
Nick Tydelski - Guitar

Orodruin began back in the summer of 1998 under the heavy influence of Saint Vitus, Cathedral, Trouble, WFG, and the like. John Gallo had just left a black metal band known as Night Conquers Day and felt empty as he wanted to start something truly soulful and doomy. He recruited his cousin, Nick Tydelski and friend Mike Puleo. They began jamming traditional doom and classic metal riffage! In January of 99' they recorded their first demo which was a mix between Iron Maiden and Epic doom. Orodruin went on hold for a couple years after that. Until 2001 they found a drummer, Mike Waske(ex-137) and began to forge riffage once again. As if the continuity of a Frazetta paining had become reality they played many shows and have recorded their first opus "Epicurean Mass" on PsycheDOOMelic Records.