Catalogue no.: PSY 001

Nationality: German, Swiss

File under: Doom Metal

Release date: 22nd of November, 2002

"a riff-oriented Doom machine along the lines of early Cathedral and The Obsessed"

- "heavy and haunting, and has both feet firmly rooted in all things 70's...three guys rocking out to the kind of music they love best" (Custom Heavy/USA)

- "The heaviness of the music is nicely offset by the languid guitar solos and the relaxed vocal style... They combine the speed and density of Wino-era Saint Vitus with the ethereal feel of the slow sections of 'Sky Valley'." (Roadburn, NL)

- "Uwe's inspiring melodic vocals and ringing guitar work (a la OBSESSED perhaps?) are showcased with VOODOO SHOCK... well-written melodic Doom cuts, slow and beautiful" (Game Two/USA)
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