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Abiogenesi - Io sono il vampiro LP

As all die - victory CD
Black shape of nexus - s/t LP
Coffins / Cianide split 7"
Coffins / Otesanek split CD
Deceased - Corpses, souls & other strangeness CD
Dream Weaver - Soulsearching 7"
Drifter - Tales of Dragonia & Beyond the burning circles CD
Dusk - Contrary beliefs CD
From Beyond - Sounds of the grave CD
Funeralium - s/t CD
Fungoid stream- Celaenus fragments CD
Gloomy sunday - Beyond good and evil CD
Grand Magus - Wolf's return CD
Imindain - And the living shall envy the dead... CD
Intruder - Escape from pain CD
Karsten Hamre & Vlad Jecan - Enter inside CD
Litany - 7"
Majestic downfall - The first abyss CD
Monument - Metastasi CD
Mood - The last ride of doomanoids DVD
Officium Triste - Ne vivam CD
OJM - The light album CD
Retro grave - s/t CD
Spiritual beggars - Demons 2CD
Spiritus mortis - Fallen CD
Stygian shore - The shore will arise CD
Superchrist - Headbanger CD
Toner low - S/T 2LP
Trouble - Demos and rarities Vol. 2 CD
Ufomammut - Lucifer songs CD/DVD
Vanessa van basten - La stanza di swedenborg digipack CD
Well of souls - S/T CD
Wereju - Through the depths of unknowing 2CD
Witchcraft - Firewood CD
Wormwood - Behemoth 2x 7"
Wotan - Epos CD