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I recently dropped Uwe from Voodoo Shock a few lines/questions about where they came from and what they are up to lately...they don`t tour or play out a lot but they sure churn out the good doom as their latest self titled CD I reviewed left a good taste in my mouth...

Interview By: robwrong Date: 2/7/2003 10:42:34 AM Rob: How did Voodoo Shock get their start? A little background history please...

Uwe: As NAEVUS split in may 1999 I steadily wrote new songs already. That time we wanted to enter studio for a new recording. As Sven (bass) left the band I didn’t have enough energy to restart it all. Play new songs and rehearse old ones again with a new bass player and everything. One year before I moved to a new town which was one hour driving away from the others. There I had a couple of doom friends already. So started with the written songs with drummer Gunnar from Mirror Of Deception. We had a few sessions, playing 4 or 5 songs (all new). Due to lack of time of his studying and his other band it didn’t work out very well. So in 2000 I started again, this time with drummer Mathias Siffermann from End Of Green, on bass Rainer Hampel (also End Of Green) and later guitarist Oliver Merkle on bass (also End Of Green). With those two guys I recorded the demo with 4 songs, originally started because of the long awaited VITUS tribute. We did PETRA. We didn’t want to release it officially but it turned out excellent, so we decided to send it around. Parted ways with both at the end of 2001. As I had so many songs I decided to search two guys only to work with for recording. With Michael on bass (former Windfall and ex-Phased 4°F). Known him for a long time as we both played in our bands together at the legendary DOOM IN BLOOM Festival. He knew some drummers to check out and we landed with Specky. Here the success goes...

Rob: What are some of your influences among band members? I mean you guys are obviously into DOOM- what doom bands do you consider the best and what other genre bands are you all collectively into?

Uwe: Influences are obviously from The Obsessed/ Wino stuff, the Maryland doom scene, all Cathedral stuff and the usual Ozzy/ Sabbath stuff. Further I’m into Hendrix, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and old grunge stuff (I don’t feel ashamed).

Rob: What are some of the bands around now that you guys would like to play gigs with, or already have?

Uwe: Actually we only played once with this line-up. Since summer I have a daughter plus I have my own business for three years now. Time is very spare in this case. But we’d love to play with all of our favourites of course when we’d get the chance. A our would be difficult but it’ll be spoken when the time would come.

Rob: Do you guys hit the road often?

Uwe: No.

Rob: How often do you guys jam?

Uwe: Not too often. Jammed two weekends before recording. Once before the live show in may 2002 and on new years eve. Preparing next saturday for the DOOM SHALL RISE festival. Nothing more is planned at the moment.

Rob: How is the songwriting process done? Is it just one of you guys that does the main most of it or is it a collective effort?

Uwe: Mainly it is me writing the songs completely. Then we work it out together. I mostly record the songs on a four tracker with a drum-machine. But not too many things will be changed. Michael did one song actually which we will play definitely.

Rob: Do you guys use the internet often? How has it benefited the band if at all?

Uwe: We all use the internet very often. We sold 700 cds in 3 months, without a real distro in shops. I would say we benefit a lot. You can download MP3 samples from the Voodoo Shock website.

Rob: What part of Europe are you from country and city, and what is the hard rock doom scene like there?

Uwe: I’m coming from the Stuttgart area in Germany. Michael and Specky are from the Basel area in Switzerland. We have lots of good bands floating around. We have doomsters MIRROR OF DECEPTION and DAWN OF WINTER, DOOMSHINE, Alternativerock/”depressed subcore” band END OF GREEN and true metallers SACRED STEEL (where Oli and Matthias are playing, ex-NAEVUS).

Rob: Who is the greatest doom band of all time?

Uwe: For me it is everything what Wino did. First I wanted to say Sabbath, but maybe Obsessed is more doom.

Rob: Any doomed words you would like to say to the community?

Uwe: Thank you so much to all who bought our album so far. We’re glad to touch your heart with our music. Stay true! Doom on.

Rob: Here are the 13 stupid questions that I ask all the bands...if you weren`t a rocker, what would you most like to be?

Uwe: Salesman

Rob: What was your worst gig and why? What was your best gig and why?

Uwe: Worst was with a coverrockband I played in before NAEVUS. Crap music, good covers but not too original. Best with Voodoo Shock in may 2002. Had such a big response. Best feelings...

Rob: Top three movies, books and albums of all time?

Uwe: no particular movie, forgot all of them, don’t read too much, but maybe one is “Puppenspieler” which is about the MALLEUS MALEFICARUM, witch hunting. Albums: Black Sabbath: Volume 4. The Obsessed: The Church Within. Cathedral: Forest Of Equilibrium.

Rob: How often do you surf the net and what do you mostly do while online?

Uwe: I surf every day doing researches about the music and doing business.

Rob: What is your favourite city and venue to play, and why?

Uwe: Didn’t play too much venues that we could say where it is best maybe.

Rob: What is the most rock `n` roll thing you`ve ever done?

Uwe: To have a baby. It’s the most craziest thing you can do. You’ll love it!

Rob: What`s the most rock `n` roll thing you`ve seen someone else do?

Uwe: To see someone living and sleeping in his clothes for over three days – we forbid him to remove his shoes...

Rob: What`s your worst "bad trip" story?

Uwe: Didn’t have one.

Rob: What’s the most painful thing you have ever witnessed at a rock show?

Uwe: To appear on a ROCK BITCH show.

Rob: How old were you when you first realize you wanted to rock?

Uwe: I wanted to play guitar, to rock, when I was 6 or 8. But had a guitar as I was 13 then.

Rob: What`s the most embarrassing job you ever had?

Uwe: Didn’t have one gladly.

Rob: what`s your favourite ice cream flavor?

Uwe: Vanilla.

Rob: If you could date any rock star dead or alive in the world, who would it be? Movie star?

Uwe: ?

Rob: What would be the ultimate dream gig of all time line-up be, with your band opening? Limit to three bands please (including your own...) and where?

Uwe: Voodoo Shock, Obsessed, Cathedral, everywhere.