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Shipping and Payment

You can calculate Shipping by Order Value (Euro)

1 Euro to 30 Euro costs 3,5 Euro in shipping
30,01 Euro to 50 Euro costs 5 Euro in shipping
50,01 Euro to 100 Euro costs 10 Euro in shipping
100,01 Euro to 200 Euro costs 12,5 Euro in shipping
HIGHER = FREE! (+ gift)

Ask if you have any questions or special needs! Payments must be made in Euro currency. If you would like to pay in English pounds or $US please contact us


By Western Union
Western Union is a great way to send us cash without the hassle of purchasing and mailing a money order! Contact us for details. Click here to find a Western Union location near you.

Money orders are accepted, though you can also transfer money or send cash at your own risk. Contact us for availability and total price, and we will then provide you our bank data information. Currently, we can only accept credit card payments through PayPal. If you are set up on PayPal, please see below for ordering instructions.

EU customers can also pay for the goods by transfering money to our bank account, no charges will apply, if certain criteria are met. This means that the same charges apply, as if the transfer would be a domestic one. Click here for proper criterias.

By Mail
Click here for a printable order form. Fill out the form completely, and mail it along with payment to: Hegedus Mark, A-1230 Vienna, Fürst Liechtenstein Str. 18/11, Austria. Please note the postage prices above.

By Internet
E-mail your order to We will detail the total, process the order, and mail your merchandise upon receipt of your payment.

By PayPal
Click here to order by using PayPal. We will mail your merchandise upon receipt of your payment in our PayPal account. Additional info / registration: - our paypal account is:

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