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Abstract Spirit - Liquid dimensions change CD
Arise from thorns - Before an audience of stars CD
Blood Farmers - S/T CD
Blood of the sun - Death ride CD
Buzzov-en - Unwilling to explain CD
Cervix - In the red night, a roar... CD
Fall of efrafa - Elil CD
Fall of empyrean - A darkness remembered CD
Fragment - Monolith CD
Frailty - Lost lifeless lights CD
Jack Frost - Glow dying sun CD
Las cruces - Ringmaster CD
Long dong silver - Bound to bleep CD
Mael mordha - Cluain tarbh CD
Midnight Rider - S/T LP
Morgion - Cloaked by ages, crowned in earth CD
Mournful Gust - The frankness eve CD
Ogre - Plague of the planet CD
OM - Conference of the birds CD
Polecat Boogie Revival CD
Sanctus Infernum - S/T CD
Sons of alpha centauri - S/T CD
Sons of otis - Spacejumbofudge CD
Soulpreacher - Sonic Witchcraft CD
The last supper - Workingman`s doom CD