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1. Congratulations about your latest output. This is the first release from an european band sounding "americanish". Tell us the secret behind that point.

Uwe: Well, we've read thousands of books to create that sound, and you say it already exists? - No, to be honest, it's fine to have it sounding like it is, but it wasn't any particular sound we wanted. It just happened.

Michi: Well, I for my part wanted a particular sound, a heavy one! To be honest also, many bands have kind of that tinny metal sound, but there's easy ways to avoid that if you have the proper equipment and a proper engineer.

2. The material is very close to great bands like Saint Vitus, Obsessed. Tell us something about your influences and your love to that kind of music.

Uwe: The Obsessed, Vitus, Cathedral, Black Sabbath, those are all bands which heavily influenced me musically in any way. It's the perfect way to put out emotions, whether positive or negative. The "love" as you say just starts in the middle of the body and gives you a big mindfuck. It's real love and passion.

Michi: What's also a big mindfuck in the doom thing are our drummers farts...

3. Why did you release such an masterpiece on a new label (psycheDOOMelic). Don`t understand me wrong, I like the Psychedelic crew and their work, but is there not any bigger label outside who can spread your music around? Didn`t you get any offers?

Uwe: Actually we didn't try too much and we didn't want to wait too long. Some of the material is already some years old. We Psychedoomelic we don't have any contracts signed. It's a totally friendship and truth thing. Maybe for future plans we do that, let's see how it all works.

Michi: Mark does an excellent job anyway, contract or not - that doesn't matter. He knows how to sell those CDs.

4. I think the actual Labels are deaf. What do you expect from this record?

Uwe: First of all we wanted to put out some good music. But as it is, the music we do is not the big selling thing, and that's what all counts at the moment. Maybe a bigger label would have interest, but they know it's not going to sell thousands of copies.

Michi: I guess with Psychedoomelic having released the CD, it gets to those folks interested in that kind of music.

5. Why did you record a new version from Nights in white satin? Why this cover-version?

Uwe: It's just been a quick decision and we first didn't think that we put it on the album. Just for fun. But as it turned out quite good we figured out that it totally fir the other songs. So we took it.

Michi: Also, we get more attention from girls...

6. The story behind We Cry?

Uwe: Love song - two people loving each other but cannot be together because they're too different - but are still love.

7. You played on the mighty Doom shall rise festvial. Tell the readers some great moments and the impression from that two days!

Uwe: Every hour was a very memorable thing. We've met so many people and it was all about "doom". So we had 48 hours speaking about the music. The big family has met, and now they have one place at least once a year.

Michi: It was so fucking great to see Revelation again after eight years. If only they'd come back with John Brenner...,anyway awesome, lots of cool bands, lots of beer, lost my mobile phone, nearly lost my mind...

8. What are your future plans? Any touring?

Uwe: Touring not for now. We all have busy time-schedules because we need to earn all money for our families. For myself, I'm having my own business and wife with daughter, and I can't afford to go for two weeks or anything on tour.

Michi: ??? I don't have a family...but need to earn money nevertheless. I guess we rather have the occasional gig once in a while, that's easy.

9. Your former band NAEVUS was well-known in the scene. Let me know something about the actual things in Naevus.

Uwe: NAEVUS split in 1999. Matthias (drums) plays in SACRED STEEL, Oli (guitas) plays in SACRED STEEL and MY DARKEST HATE. I don't know what Sven's doing.

10. Any final words?

Uwe: Thanks for your support man, keep on rocking! Doom on! For purchasing the CD please contact the label at or the band via We have the actual CD plus the demo with the Vitus track 'PATRA', and shirts in L and XL.

Michi: Doomed be all of ye filthy bastards. And watch out for future VoodooShocks to come and my other band Tollwuet.