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From march to july 2002 Voodoo Shock recorded their debut CD for the new underground label psychedoomelic records from hungary/austria. 11 songs were done, variing from extra slow doom to mid tempo doom, including the doom version of Moody Blues' "Nights In White Satin". Recordings were done with two swiss musicians Späcky and Michi which both did previous rock and doom productions with various other bands. Expect a september/ october 2002 release!

The latest band led by ex-Naevus singer/guitarist Uwe Groebel, started in late 1999 with various members. He joined up with two members of the massively underrated End Of Green and formed this power trio. Voodoo Shock released a phenomenal 4 song demo, recorded in september/ october 2000. This line-up split in spring 2001.

These Germans combine the speed and density of Wino-era Saint Vitus with the ethereal feel of the slow sections of "Sky Valley" and then deliver poignant, memorable riffs. Everything about this band seems in balance -- from their smooth but heavy sound to their classic-rock meets classic-doom songwriting. The heaviness of the music is nicely offset by the languid guitar solos and the relaxed vocal style. The monolithic last song, "PATRA (Petra)" will appear on the upcoming Saint Vitus tribute from Raven Moon Records and gives a good idea of where Voodoo Shock take inspiration.